Case Study

Luxe Lawns partnered with LMNT to craft a new, sophisticated website and brand identity. Through this collaboration, Luxe Lawns also embraced a tailored meta advertising service, aiming to connect deeply with their target audience. This case study explores the strategic approach and creative solutions employed to elevate Luxe Lawns in the competitive lawn care market.

Website Development

The newly developed Luxe Lawns website is a seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal, designed to cater to diverse users. Its information architecture ensures that content is easily navigable, making every visitor’s journey straightforward and engaging.

The website’s design resonates with Luxe Lawns’ ethos, featuring a palette of soft greens and browns that evoke a sense of warmth and reliability, while authentic imagery fosters a connection with visitors, encapsulating the essence of a boutique brand.

This online space is intuitively aligned with the company’s refreshed branding narrative, facilitating a smooth transition from casual browsing to active engagement, setting the stage for visitors to experience the full spectrum of Luxe Lawns’ professional and approachable service from their first click.

Meta Marketing & Content Creation

Seeking to elevate their local presence, Luxe Lawns selected our ‘Promoting your Business’ marketing plan. Priced at just £350+vat, per month, this comprehensive plan has us immediately diving into crafting strategic content, engaging the community via their social channels, harnessing the precision of Meta Advertising, and driving connection through targeted Email Marketing. We are focused on deploying structured campaigns and imaginative advertisements that capture the essence of Luxe Lawns’ exceptional services.

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