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Spread news, offers and more to your customer’s inboxes, encouraging engagement and retention.

Website Creation

Professional, reliable and manageable – Our websites are developed with you in mind.

Digital Marketing

When it comes to advertising your brand, give your buisness a boost with our paid Google and Facebook advertising.

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Why choose LMNT?

I don’t have a logo yet or any content for my website, can you help?

Yes, we can definitely help! We offer a full range of services including logo design and content creation for your website. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refresh your current assets, we’ve got you covered.

Are your websites mobile friendly?

Naturally, the majority of website traffic originates from mobile devices. Therefore, it’s our standard practice to ensure every website we design is fully responsive and adaptable to both mobile and tablet screens.

Can I upgrade my plan or add extra elements?

Of course, anytime! Simply contact us and request an upgrade.

Are there any other fees to get started?

Great news! There are absolutely no setup fees or hidden charges involved. The prices you see advertised are exactly what you’ll pay, with no surprises. Additional costs only arise if you opt for features beyond those included in your chosen plan and budget allocation for any paid marketing element.

What’s the difference between Meta Ads and Google Ads?

Honestly, a detailed explanation is needed here, but to summarise, the key distinction lies in the presentation of products/services to consumers. Social media advertisements target users based on their interests and online behavior, whereas Google displays ads to individuals actively searching for a particular product or service. Simply put, social media ads reach users in a more ‘passive’ manner, while Google Ads are targeted based on ‘intent’.

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